Board of Trustees

      Imam Pir Ahmed Ali
      Imam Mehmet Ozalp

      Arshad Bhutta

      Kemal Birtek

      Siraj Delwar

      Goksen Elkas

      Mustafizul Islam

      Abdul Hamid Kadik
      Abid Raza
      Erkan Solak
      Salim Savasli

      Ibrahim Sinmazisik

      Davut Wong

      Yusuf Wong

Mission Statement.   IQRA Masjid Community and Tradition is a moderate, progressive and multi-cultural Muslim community.   Our vision is to be a leading mosque in providing Islamic guidance and community services to the general public and to promote interfaith dialogue, tolerance, peace and understanding for all faiths, beliefs and orientation.  IQRA Masjid serves the spiritual, religious and communal needs of Muslims by nurturing their faith and upholding their values through worship, charity, education, outreach, and civic engagement.

Address: 407 Avenue P, Brooklyn, NY 11223

                                                                            Announcements -  President's  Message   

Dear Brothers and Sisters of IQRA Masjid,

      Salaam Alaikum.
      We wish for you and your family a successful and rewarding Ramadan. May Allah continued to bestow Peace, Blessings, Health and Barakha upon our families and communities.

      You are all cordially invited to IQRA Masjid's Ramadan 2019 Iftars and Prayer Services. All are Welcome to open your Fast with our community.

      If you would like to sponsor or host an Iftar and or prepare an  Iftar  ( sponsoring a meal for  the opening of the fast ), please contact Imam Ali at ( 917 ) 615 – 5311 or Imam Mehmet ( 917 ) 683-0042.

      We also want to acknowledge and thank you for your continued support and commitments to IQRA Masjid.   Your generous donations and sacrifices built the foundations of the Masjid and as a result, we have a thriving Islamic-based community.

        As some of you may have heard, our landlord will not be extending our lease for the first time in almost 23 years. He has given us until August 31st, 2019 to vacate the premises and he is also requesting this from other tenants as well. The landlord is looking to redevelop the property.

       Please be informed that our President, brother Arshad has hired a lawyer to represent our community and have been faithfully negotiating with the landlord in our relocation efforts. All community services are expected to continue -  full Ramadan services, Iftars and Terivhe Prayers, the daily five prayers led by one of our imams, and Friday Jumma Prayers will continue without interruptions. Please be advised that any panic or concerns are not warranted because negotiations are ongoing and contingency plans are in full effect. 

      Part of your legacy,  your good deeds, and actions that you will take with you in the afterlife is ingrained and embedded in the establishment of this Masjid. As graduate students, upcoming professionals or starting business owners, you all had a hand in building the  IQRA community. Our personal sacrifices, our hopes, and dreams of building a Muslim community for ourselves and our children must be continued into the next generation.

       Again, contingency plans and relocation efforts are in full effect with no interruption in community services. Brother Arshad is navigating and negotiating a best-case scenario and has the full support of the board of trustees.

     Although we are somewhat financially stable, like most households, we are one major predicament or upheaval away from not being able to pay our bills. Our relocation efforts will be an expensive one.   We humbly ask that you continue to support IQRA with your generous donations. Your kindness will help solidify and strengthen our finances when we relocate and build our new place of worship. There will be approximately  30,000 dollars cost to refurbish and rebuild masjid friendly environment conducive for prayers and education – an adequate heating system and vents ducts, additional plumbing for wudu area, electrical for air conditioning,  sheetrock,  materials for walls and ceiling panels, new prayer rugs, building's roof material, and contractor costs.

      Payments of your generous donations can be made in the form of a personal check. Please make your checks payable  to “ IQRA Masjid “  and mail it to the following  reliable address  ( please do not send to 1885 address because we will be relocating ) where a trustee will personally oversee the collection process :
                      Attention : IQRA Masjid / Davut Wong
                                             1715 West 4 Street
                                         Brooklyn New York 11223  

        To get updates, FYIs, the status of our relocation efforts, please refer to our website or Facebook page below.           

       Again, Thank you for your kind donations.

       Sincerely IQRA Management

     Join our Saturday Evening Program at IQRA Masjid and enjoy a Community Dinner and Lecture given by one of our Imams and Scholars. Experience the warmth of faith and the strength of our community. All are cordially invited. Members and their family  and of other faiths are invited and welcomed. 

    The program begins about 7:15 pm and will change seasonly. Topics of Lecture will be at the discretion of the speaker.

IQRA Masjid Community and Tradition 2019

Ramadan 2019 

​​  Saturday Community Dinner 

Address : 370 Avenue P, Brooklyn, NY 11204

    IQRA Masjid Official Sponsors 

  Events and Activities

Please Support IQRA Masjid wth your one time generous donations. Tax ID Number : xxx639

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    IQRA Masjid  2018 EID-al-FITR Celebration.       

         Happy 2018 EID Mubarack !

  Children Quranic Classes            

IQRA Masjid Offical FaceBook Page

  Iftar and Taraveeh 

Celebrate Ramadan 2019 with IQRA Masjid . The Masjid will be providing services for Ramadan, month of fasting beginning Monday May 6th, 2019.   Daily Iftars, the breaking of the fast begins about 8:00 pm.  The nightly Tarivhe Prayers will be performed after the Isha Prayers around 9:30 pm. For more information on costs of hosting Iftars, please contact Imam Ahmed Ali ( 1-917-615-5311 )   or  Imam Mehmet  ( 1-917-683-0042 ). All Muslims and interfaiths are invited to join us.

        IQRA Masjid provides free Children's Quranic  Classes for all ages on weekdays after school hours. Lessons are conducted by Imam Ali and his instructors. The class will cover Arabic alphabet, Quranic recitation, how to make proper Salaat and general Islamic knowledge  regarding character, behavior and etiquette. Contact Imam Ali for an updated schedule.

Friday  Prayers 

   Friday Congregation Jummah Prayers     1:30 pm

   At IQRA Masjid, it's our mission to help you explore your relationship with God and improve those meaningful relationships in your family life.

  • Friday Jummah Prayers and Brunch
  • Saturday Evenings Community Dinners and Lecture. 
  • Celebrate Ramadan 2018 and IFTARS
  •  Tarivhe Prayers
  • EID Prayer and Festival  2018
  • Weekday Quranic Classes for Children
  • Saturday Religious Classes        for  Sisters Teenagers 
  • ICNA Sister Wing Gathering
  • Saturday Quranic Classes for Brothers
  • Summer Picnics
  • Lectures and speaking engagements  from visiting Scholars
  • Summer Bike Tours for Young Brothers
  • Saturday Night Soccer Playing


  Please Join/Sponsor an Iftar for  Iqra Masjid 

1885 McDonald Avenue Brooklyn New York 11223

Please continue to support our local business sponsors who are supporting IQRA Masjid and many of the community needs.


Community Statement. We pray for all our brothers and sisters of all faiths, creeds, beliefs and gender for peace, love, understanding, and tolerance. Our dua's ( Muslim prayers ) and condolences  are extended to the innocent victims of violence and extremism done in the name of religion.

   In the end, we are all God's children, a part of God's or Allah's Creation.

    Wishing Everyone a happy Ramadan Mubarack !